This blog is designed as a free learning resource for people studying Czech. Unlike for more popular foreign languages such as French and German, there aren’t that many learning resources out there for Czech. With this blog I’d like to contribute towards filling this gap. Each post will guide you through (the sometimes difficult and frustrating) parts of the Czech language and will hopefully save you hours of frustration and disappointment.

You can study from and work through a variety of learning materials:

  • Tips and tricks for a good pronunciation – with audio examples
  • Grammar courses (for both Standard and Colloquial Czech!)
  • “Vocabulary explained” posts
  • Posts on Czech history and culture
  • Czech linguistics (with a Czech-English/English-Czech glossary of linguistic terms)
  • Short introduction to Slovak
  • List of other useful leaning resources

Apart from the main online material, you can also find a lot of printable supplementary material (.pdf) like summary sheets, grammar tables, etc.

All posts are regularly updated and you can leave comments and questions underneath each post.

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to work! After all, bez práce nejsou koláče